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The Price Beat Guarantee is our commitment to providing you with the cheapest accommodation prices in the online market at all times.

If you find a published internet rate on another accommodation website that is lower than what is available on, call us to book and we will not only match the other website's rate but beat it by PRICE_BEAT_BY! (provided we can verify the lower rate when you call to book).

We'll beat any genuine competitor's accommodation rate!

A. The Price Beat Guarantee will only apply if:

  1. An representative is able to confirm that the rate is still available to be booked on the competitor website for the same hotel, room type and for the same day. If it is, we will not only match the rate but guarantee to BEAT IT by PRICE_BEAT_BY.
  2. The lower rate on the competitor website is in the same currency as displayed on
  3. The price beat guarantee comparison includes the room rate PLUS the booking fee as a total.'s low booking fee combined with an equal or higher accommodation rate on may result in a lower overall rate than on the competitor website. If the room rate is EQUAL to that of the competitor website (including the advertised rate and booking fee) we also guarantee to BEAT IT by PRICE_BEAT_BY!

B. The Price Beat Guarantee does not apply to:

  1. Accommodation purchased through or in combination with membership rates, frequent stay, loyalty points or other "reward" programs.
  2. Lower rates available through opaque websites where the exact hotel is not known until after booking.

C. These terms also apply:

  1. Price Beat Guarantee bookings can not be cancelled.
  2.'s standard terms and conditions of booking apply.

If the Price Beat Guarantee terms and conditions are not met, and you proceed with a booking on, our standard terms and conditions will apply including our standard cancellation policy.

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