Supporting Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust


The Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust vision is that people across the vast and rugged Canterbury and West Coast regions can live their lives to the full. Assured that if they have an emergency, the Rescue Helicopter will be there to look after them and their families.

The Rescue Helicopter Trust has funded the life-saving Rescue Helicopters in Canterbury and the West Coast since 1989. Presently, the service has successfully undertaken over 14,000 rescue missions. We have an excellent partnership with GCH Aviation, the contracted operator of the Rescue Helicopter Service.

The Rescue Helicopter Trust need to raise $6.0 million a year to provide this life-saving service.

Our sister trust- New Zealand Flying Doctor Trust, need to raise $3.0 million each year to support the air ambulance service.

The community are our main supporters. Ultimately, the Individuals and businesses who support us are the ones who keep the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and the West Coast NZCC Rescue Helicopter in the air. By and large, the Kiwi culture is focused on helping and supporting those in need.

Our generous supporters see the inherent value of contributing to saving lives and doing their part to help the community.  Their generosity enables the Canterbury Westpac Rescue Helicopters and the West Coast NZCC Rescue Helicopter to be available to anyone in Canterbury or in the West Coast if they need specialist care.

Please donate today to save lives, by booking your accommodation on