A community-focused organization

Rangiora RSA

Following its reconstruction post-earthquake, the Rangiora RSA stands as a modern beacon in the community, attracting both seasoned members and newcomers alike. A strategic memorandum of understanding with the RSA organization has solidified the club's operational framework, while looking after our Returned and Service members and their welfare needs.
From morning coffee gatherings to club and tower draw nights and music events, the club pulsates with energy seven days a week. Notably, the Rangiora RSA generously opens its function room to non-profit groups, embodying its ethos of community service.
Crucially, Jane acknowledges the pivotal role of the Governance Board in fostering a harmonious working relationship, ensuring shared goals and mutual understanding for the club's greater benefit.
As Jane aptly summarizes, "We've become a community-focused organization. Anybody can become a member."